HT Hackathon – Hack it! 2018 Rules



1. Hrvatski Telekom d.d., Roberta Frangeša Mihanovića 9, 10000 Zagreb (hereinafter: HT or The Organizer), publicly announces the event titled „Hack it!“ (hereinafter: the Hackathon).

2. The Hackathon is organized in the form of a gathering of the best developers, designers, and other business and technology experts or future experts at one place who, using various approaches, find solutions related to the given topic.

3. Any natural person of full age, either a Croatian or foreign citizen, individually or in a team (hereinafter: Participants), is allowed to participate in the Hackathon. By participating in the Hackathon, each Participant accepts the Rules herein. In addition, with a written consent by a parent or legal representative, minors over the age of 16 are also allowed to participate in the Hackathon.

4. The Hackathon starts on 24th November 2018 at 10:00 and finishes on 25th November 2018 at 16:00. Applications for participating in the Hackathon shall be held from the date of the public announcement of the Rules herein to 2nd November 2018.



1. The Hackathon purpose is to elaborate an idea, i.e. to make an elaborated prototype of a practical, creative solution for the topic „Future of video communication“ (hereinafter: the Solution)

2. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, the Solution as The Hackathon result does not have to be a computer Solution in the final form, but may also be
a/ only an elaborated project without the final solution,
b/ an elaborated project with the proposal of a concrete technical solution,
c/ a partially elaborated and developed technical solution with the proposal of the final solution, etc.
The basic prerequisite for a positive grade for a certain Solution is the best graded solution based on the established criteria: the idea elaborated with most details or a higher level of solution development, which will eventually be decided upon by the Organizer’s judges.



1. By submitting the application and/or participating in the Hackathon, the Hackathon Participants accept and consent to the application of the Rules herein, which determine all mutual rights and obligations between the Organizer and the Participants. The application on behalf of a Participant who is a minor over the age of 16 shall be submitted by a parent or legal representative in a written form.
The participation in the Hackathon is voluntary, and the applied Participants are not obliged to pay any participation fee.

3. The Hackathon Organizer is entitled to disqualify any Participant or a team at any given time if the aforementioned is in breach of legal regulations effective in the Republic of Croatia, or harms the reputation or damages the interests of the Organizer with his/her actions. The Hackathon Participants, by accepting the Participation Rules herein, waive all claims against the Organizer on the basis of an indemnification for any form of a cost or damage that might have been incurred during the completion of the task prescribed by these rules.



The Participant shall submit the application via the application form available at Applications shall be received by 2nd November 2018. For each application it is necessary to define the Participant’s general information (name and surname, e-mail address and mobile number), and additional information depending on the application type (team application or individual application). The Organizing Committee shall, on the grounds of the members’ competence, suitability and the applicability of the idea, as well as its innovation, select the applicants who shall participate in the Hackathon.

By applying to the Hackathon, the Participant, i.e. his/her parent or legal representative, is informed of and consents to collecting and processing of the Participant’s personal data with the purpose of executing the Hackathon, and agrees to the publication of the Participant’s name and surname with the detailed design of the Solution, regardless of whether the aforementioned has been awarded in accordance with the Rules herein. In addition, the Participant, i.e. his/her parent or legal representative, is informed of and consents to the fact that HT shall use the collected personal data of the Participant related to the Hackathon with the purpose to potentially inform the Participant on HT STEM activities, unless the Participant, i.e. his/her parent or legal representative, determines otherwise. The Participant, i.e. his/her parent or legal representative, is informed of the right to access and amend personal data. HT shall deal with the Participant’s personal data in accordance with the valid regulations on personal data protection.
If the Participant, while applying, ticked “yes” to the question “Do you consent to the fact that HT is allowed to forward Hackathon Participants’ e-mail addresses to Hackathon Sponsors with the purpose of promotional and business cooperation with Hackathon sponsors, the Participant, i.e. his/her parent or legal representative, is informed of the fact that his/her e-mail address shall be forwarded to the sponsors. Hackathon sponsors shall, prior to any business cooperation with Hackathon Participants, consult the HT Hackathon execution team, if such cooperation has been initiated by the sponsors.


A team application shall be submitted by the team leader. Each team shall have its name, and the leader shall describe what each Participant deals with and list the Participant’s achievements in his/her field, if any. In case of two teams applied under the same name, the Organizer shall add Roman numerals (I, II, III, …) to the names. In addition, the team leader shall be obliged to apply all other team members who are also Participants in the context of this event. A team shall have a minimum of 3, and a maximum of 4 members.


Any Participant shall be allowed to apply without a team, whereby he/she shall describe what he/she does and list the achievements in his/her field, if any, and shall do the same for all members. Members shall not be allowed to switch teams. It is up to an indivual to form the kind of team he/she wants, maximum number allowed in a team are 4.



The Hackathon details:
Date/time: from 24th November 2018 at 10:00 to 25th November 2018 at 16:00 without cessations
Location/Address: ALGEBRA Innovation Lab
Participants shall be obliged to bring their own equipment such as a laptop, monitor, keyboard and any other items required for the event.



The teams shall be presented with the topic from the domain „Future of video communication“ where a team/individuals have the opportunity to come up with future solutions on an open communication topic. A detailed topic description shall be published on the Hackathon web pages. During the Hackathon and after 24 hours of coding, the judges, determined by the Organizer, shall evaluate all works following the given criteria presented to all Participants, and shall, after presenting all works, announce the winners. The use of all open source codes and libraries shall be allowed.
The judges’ decision is final.
Each Participant, an individual or a team, shall submit only one solution.



The prize fund includes:
1st place – 30,000 HRK + 2-day acceleration & design thinking workshop at hub:raum (Krakow, Poland)
2nd place – 15,000 HRK
3rd place – 7,500 HRK


The Organizer shall announce the winners on 25th November 2018 at the Hackathon closing ceremony. The winners shall be those Participants, teams or individuals who have scored the most points based on the established criteria. Should two Participants have the same score, a better Participant among the two equals shall be the Participant who has obtained more individual votes.



The prize for the place won shall belong to each individual team member who has won it. The prizes for the first three places won at the Hackathon shall be given at the very event, during the Hackathon winner announcement.

The Hackathon Participant – the author of the rewarded Solution by accepting the Rules herein, i.e. by participating in the Hackathon, expresses his/her willingness to close a separate Copyright License Agreement with HT for the right to use the rewarded Computer Solution, whereby HT would acquire exclusive, time and spatially unlimited right to use the aforementioned Computer Solution. In the stated sense, the Hackathon Participant – the author of the rewarded Computer Solution consents and confirms that HT, in case of closing the Copyright License Agreement, shall be allowed, inter alia, to modify, upgrade, customize, process, reproduce, distribute or in any other way economically exploit the aforementioned Computer Solution without any compensation to the author of the rewarded Computer Solution, with the exception of the prize of the Rules herein.



Participants of the prize-winning Hackathon herein shall not be allowed to demand prizes in larger amounts, i.e. sums or other prizes than those stated in the Rules herein.

By accepting the Rules herein, the Hackathon Participants (who are also the program/work authors), i.e. their parents or legal representatives, shall authorise HT to advertise without limitation those Computer Programs, i.e. works/programs/results/pieces of work in press and electronic media with the purpose of Hackathon, i.e. HT, promotion. Furthermore, the Hackathon Participants, i.e. their parents or legal representatives on behalf of the Participants, agree that the Participants shall be photographed and recorded, and that their name, persona, work and personal data shall be used in the above described manner in promotional, commercial purposes, as well as all other purposes which are not contrary to the legislation of the Republic of Croatia.

The Hackathon Participant hereby confirms and warrants that the Solution, the result of his/her participation in the Hackathon, truly is his/her own original intellectual creation, completely new and previously unpublished, i.e. that it is not and shall not be delivered to similar competitions in Croatia or abroad. Each Hackathon Participant who has submitted his/her Solution to the Hackathon judges confirms and warrants that he/she is the holder of all copyright and/or related rights and/or intellectual property rights of the submitted Solution, and that the Solution which has been applied to the Hackathon does not infringe the rights of any third party. In addition, the Hackathon Participant confirms and warrants that a third party shall not make any claims against HT related to the Solution which the Hackathon Participant presented at the event. In case if any third natural or legal person initiates any court, administrative or any other procedure against the Organizer on the basis of an alleged infringement of copyright, intellectual or any other right related to the applied Solutions, works/pieces of work of the applied Participant, as well as those related to advertising, production, copying, distribution or sales of the contents which appear in the produced works, the Hackathon Participant shall oblige to join such procedure, to take upon himself/herself the claims of such a demand, to protect the Organizer from any demand set in such a procedure, and to indemnify the third party and the Organizer for all the damages incurred, including, but not limited to all costs that might be incurred during such a demand or initiation of a court, arbitration or administrative procedure.

In case of an underage Participant, a parent, i.e. legal representative who has submitted the application for Hackathon participation, shall be jointly and severally liable for all Participant’s obligations arising from the previous paragraph of this Article.

The Organizer shall be allowed to use the submitted materials of all Participants for advertising in all media (television, newspaper, internet…), but the Organizer is not obliged to use them in promotional purposes.



Incorrect or incomplete applications shall be invalid and shall not give the applicants any rights to the prize or participation in the prize-winning Hackathon.

All applications received through malicious programs and webservices shall be removed, as well as all applications acquired by any other suspicious and irregular methods, including the ones which give the Participant unfair advantage over other Participants.


Article 12 PUBLICITY

By participating in the prize-winning Hackathon herein, the Participants agree that the Organizer may publish and use their materials, names and surnames, other data and photographs without any compensation in printed, audio, visual and video materials.



The team names of the winning pieces of work shall be published at the Hackathon website ( following the winner announcement.
The data on teams and winners are public, and there is a possibility of publications in other media.


Article 14 TAXES

The Organizer and/or prize Sponsor shall bear all levies (tax, surcharge) during the payout.



In case of a dispute between the Organizer and a Participant of the prize-winning Hackathon, the court in Zagreb shall be competent.



The prize-winning Hackathon may be terminated or modified at any given moment on the grounds of HT’s decision without any particular explanation, in which case any HT’s liability for damages shall be excluded.

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