HT hackathon ‘Hack it!’ Rules 2017


Clause 1.


  1. Hrvatski Telekom d.d., Roberta Frangeša Mihanovića 9, 10000 Zagreb (referred to from here on as: HT or Organizer), publicly announces the event under the name ‘Hack it!’ (referred to from here on as: Hackathon).


  1. The Hackathon is organized in the form of gathering the best programmers, designers, and other business and technical specialists in one place and finding solutions on the basis of a given theme using various approaches.


  1. All individuals who are 18 years of age or older can participate in the hackathon, and can be either Croatian or foreign citizens, as individuals or as a part of a team (referred to from here on as Participants). By participating in the Hackathon, each Participant accepts these Rules. Also, individuals who are over the age of 16 are permitted to participate in the hackathon with a signed note from their parent or legal guardian.


  1. The Hackathon starts 28.10.2017. at 10:00 and ends 29.10.2017. at 16:00. The participation registration period begins the day of the public release of these Rules and lasts until 8.10.2017.

Clause 2


  1. The purpose of the Hackathon is developing an idea, that is, developing a prototype of a practical, creative solution on the basis of the theme ”immersive communication” (referred to from here on as: Solution).
  2. To avoid misunderstanding, the Solution as a result of the Hackathon does not have to be a finalized computer solution, but it can also be:

a/ a developed project without a finalized solution

b/ a developed project with a suggestion for a concrete  technical solution

c/ a partially developed technical solution with a suggestion for a final solution, and so on.

The basic prerequisite for a positive judgement for a certain Solution is the highest amount of points recieved based upon predefined grading criteria, which is decided by the Organizer’s jury.


Clause 3.


  1. Hackathon Participants, by filing an application to the Hackathon and/or participating in the Hackathon, accept and agree to these Rules which stipulate all respective and mutual rights and obligations of the Organizer and the Participants.


  1. Participation in the Hackathon is voluntary and registered Participants are not obliged to pay any payment for participation.


  1. The Organizer of the Hackathon reserves the right at any time to disqualify any Participant or team if that Participant or team violates the legislation in force in the Republic of Croatia or the action of the Participant or team damage the reputation or harm the interests of the Organizer. Participants of the Hackathon, by accepting the Rules, completely waive any claims made by the Organizer based on compensation of any form of cost or any damages that may arise during the fulfillment of tasks prescribed by these Rules.


Clause 4.


Participants register via a form available at the website Entries will be accepted until 11.10.2017. at For each application it is necessary to give general information (name, e-mail and mobile phone number) and additional information, depending on the type of application (team or individual applications).


During the registration process, Hackathon Participants shall provide accurate and complete personal information.


By registering for the Hackathon, Participants or their parent or legal guardians are familiar with and give HT their consent for the collection / processing of their personal data for the purpose of conducting a Hackathon and consent to the publication of their first and last names with the their project Solution, regardless if it is awarded or not, in accordance with these Rules. The Participant or their parent or legal guardian is also familiar with and agrees that HT will use personal data of Participants gathered in connection with the Hackathon, and for the purpose of informing the Participant of HT STEM activities unless the Participant indicates otherwise. The Participant or their parent or legal guardian are familiar with the right to access and correct personal information. HT is obliged to treat the data registered by Participants in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Croatian legislation on protection of personal data.

In the event that at the time of registration, the Participant answered ‘yes’ to the question ‘ I agree to have my email address forwarded to sponsors of the Hackathon for promotional and business purposes.’, the Participant or their parent or legal guardian are aware that their email address will be forwarded to sponsors. Sponsors of the hackathon with, before any business collaboration with Participants, consult with the HT hackathon organizational team, if the collaboration is initiated from the side of the sponsor.



The team leader registers the whole team. Each team must have its own name. If there are two teams registered under the same name, the Organizer will add Roman numerals (I, II, III, …) to the team names. The team Leader is required to report all other team members who are also Participants in the context of this event. A team can have a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 4 members. Each can describe what they do and list their successes in their respective fields, if applicable.



A Participant can apply without a team. Each Participant must describe their field of work and list successes in their respective field, if applicable. The transition of members from one team to another is not allowed.


Clause 5.


Details of when/where the Hackathon is held:

Date / time: from 28.10.2017. at 10:00 until 29.10.2017. at 16:00, a continuous period of 30h

Location / Address: Park Stare Trešnjevka 2 (HT education center)

Competitors must bring their own equipment, such as a laptop, monitor, keyboard and other necessary equipment for the event.


Clause 6.


Teams will be presented a theme from the domain of “Immersive Communication” where the team / individuals in the team have the opportunity to develop future solutions to the the open theme of communication. A more detailed description of the theme will be published on the website 53 days before the start of the hackathon.During the Hackathon and after 24 hours of programming, a jury of 10 members designated by the Organizer will evaluate all the works and, after the presentation of all the works, will declare the winners. All open source codes and libraries can be used.

The jury’s decision is final.

Each Participant, individual or team, can submit only one solution.


Clause 7.

The prizes include:

1st place – HRK 30.000 (approx. EUR 4.000) + 2-day acceleration & design thinking workshop at hub:raum (Krakow, Poland)

2nd place – HRK 15.000 (approx. EUR 2.000)

3rd place – HRK 7.500 (approx. EUR 1.000)


Clause 8.


The Organizer will announce the winners on 29.10.2017. at 14:15 The winners who will be announced will be the Participants, teams or individuals who have aquired the highest number of points based on the predefined criteria. If two Participants recieve the same number of points, the better of the two Participants will be declared based on which of the two receives the highest number of individual votes from the 10 members of the jury.


Clause 9.


The winning prize belongs to each individual member of the team that won it. Prizes for winning the first three places at the Hackathon will be presented at the event, when the winners of the Hackathon are announced.


Participants of the Hackathon / the creators of the award-winning Solution by agreeing to these rules and by participating in the Hackathon gives their expresses their readiness to enter into a contract concering HT’s right to use the winning Solution, with which HT would acquire exclusive, time and spatially unlimited rights to use the Solution. In that sense, the Hackathon Participants / the creators of the winning Solution agree and confirm that HT, if a contract is entered into, may additionally modify, build, adjust, process, reproduce, distribute or in any way exploit economically without any remuneration to the author the winning Solution, not including the prizes listed in this rulebook.


Clause 10.


Participants of this Hackathon may not claim prizes in larger amounts, nor rewards other than those specified in these Rules.


By accepting these rules, Participants of this Hackathon who are also the creators of programs / works,

give HT the right to use these computer programs /Solutions or works / programs / results / creations as publications in unlimited advertising in print and electronic media in order to promote the Hackathon or HT. In addition, registered Participants of the Hackathon accept to be photographed and recorded, and that their name, character, work and personal information is used as described above in promotional, commercial and fother purposes that do not contradict the legislation of Croatia.


Hackathon Participants confirm and warrant that the solution as the result of their participation in the hackathon, is indeed their own original intellectual creation, is completely new and previously unpublished, and has not and will not be submitted to similar competitions in Croatia and abroad. Each Participant of the Hackathon who presented a Solution to the jury of the Hackathon for assessment confirms and guarantees that they are the holder of the copyright and / or related rights and / or intellectual property rights for their dedicated Solution and the Solution presented at the Hackathon does not offend any third party rights. Furthermore, the Participant of the Hackathon confirms and warrants that third parties will not present any claims to HT connection with the Solution for which the Participant Hackathon presented/claimed to create at the event. In the event that any third natural or legal person starts against the Organizer any judicial, administrative or other similar proceedings based on alleged infringement of copyright, intellectual property or other rights related to the reported Solutions, works / works of registered Participants as well as in relation to advertising, production, reproduction, distribution or sale of content that appear in the produced works, the Participant of the Hackathon who has reported these solutions / materials / labor agrees to join such proceedings and claims and to assume responsibility and defend the Organizer against any claim made in such proceedings by the third party and to reimburse the Organizer for all costs of damage aquired, including but not limited to all costs that they may incur as a result of such proceedings and initiation of court, arbitration or administrative proceedings.


The organizer may use registered materials of all participants for advertising in all media (television, newspapers, Internet …), but they are not obliged to be used for advertising purposes.


Clause 11.


Incorrect or incomplete applications are invalid and do not entitle applicants to any compensation or to participate in the Hackathon. Registrations received through any malicious programs or web services will be removed, as well as all registrations acquired through any other suspicious and/or irregular methods, including those which allow any Participant an unfair advantage over other Participants.


Clause 12.


By participating in this Hackathon, Participants agree that their materials, their names and surnames, and other data and photos can be published by the Organizer used free of charge in print, audio, visual and video material.


Clause 13.


The names of the teams of the winning Solution will be published on the web address Hackathon ( after the announcement of the winner.

Information about the teams and the winners are public and publications in other media are possible.


Clause 14.


All taxes (income tax, surtax) shall be borne by the organizer.


Clause 15.


In the event of a dispute between the Organizor and Participants of the Hackathon, the dispute falls under jurisdiction of the competent court in Zagreb.


Clause 16.


The Hackathon can be terminated or modified at any time at the discretion of HT without explanation in which case HT is excluded of any responsibility for damage.

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